Lifeworld Approach to care was formed by Denise Andrea Harris, who has spent most of her research career focusing on Interpreting the Meaning of Existence for the Person with Motor Neurone Disease, and their Family Carer(s).

Denise is an Independent Consultant Occupational Therapist in neurology and end-of-life care. After working for over 21 years as an occupational therapist in the NHS, Social Services, and Private Sector, Denise wanted to set up a care business that had person-centred care at its core. Whether you are new to care or a healthcare professional, Lifeworld provides access to an approach to care, education, and research that has been developed through a ten-year research project and findings published in peer-reviewed journals.   

The overall aim of my work is to provide practical insight into the way that professionals caring for a person with motor neuron disease (MND) can recognize, respect, and respond to that person’s temporality, i.e. the person that they have been, that they are now, and that they will be in the future.  


Living with MND can cause anxiety at all stages of the disease trajectory especially as it can be difficult for people living with MND to communicate their desires and concerns to professionals and carers. It is important that professionals continue to provide holistic care throughout the illness trajectory.


We suggest MND has a significant impact on a person’s lifeworld. The proposed person-centered care model focuses on understanding (interpreting) a person in a wider temporal frame, and beyond the context of their illness. The expected collaborative outcomes are that: a person is acknowledged as more than a ‘patient with MND' and that a professional is providing person-centered care based on the individuality of the person, through a temporal lens. This requires a collaborative approach between the person, others, and professionals. Such person-centered care, focused on individuality, may prevent a person from experiencing life in crisis and suffering towards end-of-life.  


I look forward to supporting you in care or education….