e-Learning Course
End-of-Life Care

Delivered by Denise Andrea Harris, Consultant Occupational Therapist, Director of Lifeworld Approach to Care and Education

Lifeworld Approach to care and education was formed by Denise Andrea Harris, who has spent most of her research career focusing on Interpreting the Meaning of Existence for the Person with Motor Neuron Disease, and their Family Carer(s).

Working at home

Learning on this course

Learning in this e-learning course you will meet other learners, share your experiences, join in active discussions, and develop your knowledge and skills.

Patient with Healthcare Nurse

What you will achieve

​• You will get the opportunity to develop an understanding of end-of-life care for motor neuron disease and other terminal illnesses:

• Apply new knowledge, use case study analysis, and evaluate with peers.

• You will also get the most out of your learning through engaging with the content and the other learners through the comments section.

In this course, we will cover

£150 for 4 sessions

Working on a laptop

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