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Living well until we die

We have all experienced Queen Elizabeth II live well until her death. How do others achieve the same?

We understand that Queen Elizabeth took part in planning for her death years ago. Thus, she stayed in control until her end of life. She also taught us all how important it is to live well until we die.

Not everyone will have the opportunity to talk about their future. People will die alone at home, or in hospital. Those healthcare professionals may not know the person they are caring for, or what their wishes, priorities, and preferences were for end of life. As was the case for so many people during the COVID pandemic.

We need to encourage our loved ones or those we are caring for to communicate about their future. Thus, understanding what is important for the person.

If you know someone who is ageing or someone with a terminal illness, who wishes to live well until they die. Please refer them into our service, where they will get the opportunity to communicate their choices and remain in control until their end of life.