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Occupational therapy golf for people with neurological conditions

These occupational therapy golf sessions are for people with neurological conditions who once enjoyed a game of golf.

The therapeutic value of engaging in golf offers a person valued occupation(s) that can bring meaning and purpose to a person's life. And can help a person to improve physical, mental and social well-being. This can be included as part of a holistic rehabilitation or maintenance programme.

The occupational therapist will help a person assess for cognitive, physical, and social difficulties and grade the activities to suit the client's needs, for example, broader simplifying instructions or tasks.

The golf sessions can also incorporate any wider goals set by the client, for example improving social skills, coping with stress, anger management, improving concentration and memory.

We are offering occupational therapy golf to support those with a neurological condition who wish to return  to the game in a supported setting.
Occupational therapy golf

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