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Reflecting on OT Practice

Updated: Jul 2

This week, I was asked to re-visit my profile and ensure that my specialisms align with my current practice. The idea that I had chosen to become an OT with such a fantastic amount of responsibility is incredibly empowering. Reflecting on my lived experiences of being an occupational therapist and consolidating onto one page is challenging, but necessary...


Doctor of Philosophy,

Master of Philosophy,

Master of Research,

BSc Hons Occupational Therapy

Healthcare Professions Council Registration

Royal College of Occupational Therapists, Member since 2003


I am a consultant occupational therapist, researcher, publisher, and educator. I have twenty-one years of experience assessing and treating clients across the NHS, Social Services, and Private Sector companies.

I have developed my knowledge and skills in the NHS, Social Services, and Private Sector. The specialist areas I have worked in include trauma and orthopaedics, community rehabilitation, rapid response, falls, palliative and end-of-life care, housing, aids and adaptations, case management, brain injuries, and healthcare education.


After completing my PhD by Publication, I conceptualised and launched my independent practice to provide care and education for people with motor neurone disease (MND). Independent practice has offered me various opportunities to work as an associate occupational therapist, educator, and expert witness.  In 2023, I published a book chapter exploring my research journey, published papers, and developed a person-centred care model in MND. This person-centred care model focuses on individuality, which includes three significant elements: 1. presuppositions, 2. acceptance, and 3. temporality.


I prepare Civil Procedure Compliant Occupational Therapy and Care Reports for the Court covering various complex injuries. The types of injuries/conditions I can report on include:


·       Brain Injury

·       Orthopaedic Injury

·       Progressive Neurological Disease

·       Palliative and End of Life Care


As an Independent Expert Witness, I aim to interpret the impact of the negligence that has occurred. I use my knowledge and skills to learn about a person in their world, their losses and potential for future rehabilitation. I make the necessary recommendations to enable a person to live life as they did before the index incident.


Reflecting on OT Practice

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