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By utilising this temporary care model, we are guided to understand a person's needs beyond the context of their illness or injury. This may include discussing the person's past experiences, current situation, or future aspirations. A person with an illness or injury is empowered to guide the conversation through this approach.

Life Photographs

Lived Through Past

Each individual possesses a distinct background, traditions, and way of life. The process of providing care includes facilitating the person's sharing of personal experiences. As a result, it helps shape their identity and discover significance in their life journey.

Experienced Present

Individuals exist within a social and cultural context and interpret things based on their perspectives. Navigating daily life can be challenging when dealing with an illness or injury. However, identifying the themes that are significant to the person makes it possible to create a sense of recognition, respect, and trust, which can be beneficial in the long run.

Holding Hands
Anticipated Future

Individuals possess the liberty and entitlement to exercise their decision-making abilities. During times of uncertainty, our goal is to assist people in recording their essential worries, requirements, priorities, and preferences for the future. This process leads to acknowledging the intricate nature of making decisions for the future.


A professional athlete, James noticed something unusual happening to him while playing tennis in the summer. After undergoing neurological investigations, he was diagnosed with MND/ALS. Despite the degenerative nature of the illness, he shared his life story, focusing on his past and his concerns for his family's future after his passing. Listening to his story allowed me to understand him beyond his illness and what mattered most to him.

Gemma Francis Cummins, Expert Witness Occupational Therapist, Manchester, UK

After reviewing the website, I strongly endorse the Lifeworld approach and suggest it to individuals or family caregivers dealing with chronic illnesses. I have been following this research, which is based on evidence, from the start and have witnessed the positive impact it can have.

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