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 End of Life Care

Understanding the suggested temporal care model is essential for healthcare professionals, particularly nurses. This model helps to prioritise the individual's needs, including their past, present, and future. By using this model, individuals with illnesses or life-changing injuries can take control of the conversation and direct its focus.

Working at home
e-Learning course

During this course, you'll have the opportunity to connect with fellow nurses and healthcare experts, exchange your experiences, participate in engaging conversations, and enhance your expertise and abilities.

Typing on laptop
What you will achieve

This opportunity will allow you to learn how to implement the temporal model of care. You can apply your new knowledge by analyising case studies and evaluating them. Additionally, engaging with published research content will enhance your learning experience.

Barabara Simmons, PhD Psychologist, ALS Family Centre, University of Miami

"I have just finished a 4-session course with Denise Harris and it was definitely worth it. Although we both work with MND patients, she has a well-organized and structured approach that has proven to be highly beneficial. Additionally, she has provided me with new insights that will help me improve my interactions with patients. Her articles are also invaluable for furthering my knowledge in this field. It's rare to find someone who understands the needs of these patients so well, and I plan to maintain a long-term relationship with her."
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