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The research findings can inform the education in health and social care at all levels, as there are calls for more holistic, person-centred approaches to care, and research.

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Holistic person-centred approach to care

Developing knowledge and understanding of the proposed temporal model of care. This will support nurses and other health care professionals to focus their conversations on what is important to the person. This may be their lived-through past, their experienced present, or their anticipated future. A person who has motor neurone disease (MND) and other neurological condition(s) will, through this model, be encouraged to direct the focus of the conversation.

Holistic person-centred approach to qualitative research

The insights could support developments in nursing, and other health and social care professional education to navigate their way through the distinct methodological research approaches, and to develop their own unique research studies.

Researching and Writing

I recently completed a 4-session course with Denise Harris;  I can tell you it was extremely worthwhile.  She and I have been doing essentially the same interventions with MND patients, but she had it organized and structured in a way that was highly beneficial.  She also provided new insights which will facilitate improved interactions with my patients. Her articles are invaluable for continuing in this field. It is rare to find someone with such an understanding of the needs of these patients and I expect to maintain an ongoing relationship with her. 

Barbara Simmonds, Ph.D
ALS Center,
The University of Miami.

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